Processing SPEED 


Sometimes we think much slower or quicker than our writing or speaking can match. When this dissonance occurs, we sometimes feel less intelligent or able to communicate clearly, which can affect our jobs, relationships and grades.  Syncing up your specific system can help.

Commitment: 2-4 30 minute sessions/week for 1-4 months. In-clinic only.


Visual Processing

There can be a lot that gets mistranslated when we read or take in visual stimuli. Many people with dyslexia, dysgraphia and reading fatigue would benefit from integrating visual processing systems.  If you're watching/reading and not retaining information or feeling overly tired, reach out! 

Auditory Processing

Auditory processing dissonance can impact speaking and our ability to remember auditory information. Practice can be tedious, but you can make progress toward better grades and more active listening in just a few months. 


Commitment:  2-4 30 minute sessions per week for 1-4 months. In-clinic only. 

Types of Memory:

Working Memory: The ability to hold and manipulate information in the mind for the purpose of using said information.

Long-term Memory: The ability to take in a store information for much later use.

Short-term Memory: The ability to take in and store new information, and recall it in relative near time.

Implicit Memory: Unconscious activity memory - like riding a bike!